Utah Express Test, we strive to empower confidence in the American Workforce through our professional monitoring services.


Mobile testing 

Utah Express Test will meet you where ever you are, if you're in the field, or at your facility, we will be there when you need us. 


Commercial & Corporate Evaluations  

We have experience in designing programs that surpass industry standards. 

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Facility assessment  

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Employees will no longer be required to leave their work-site for evaluations! 


We come directly to your facility. Our service model – testing your employees at your location – eliminates a number of time-consuming and costly functions

Available Testing Methods 

We do our testing at our office or on-site at your facility. Employees are only off the floor for a few minutes VS. a few hours. 

  • Drug Testing Options Include: 
  • Hair Follicle 
  • Nicotine 
  • Urine (DOT Or Non-DOT)
  • Saliva (Oral) 
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening Testing 
  • Post Incident
  • For Cause 
  • Random 

Reduce employee downtime by having our collectors come to your site and deliver the sample to the lab technicians to complete the evaluation. 

Utah Express Test offers convenient, mobile on-site testing evaluations for clients with the same standard of professionalism, accuracy and instant results provided by our staff members at your location. 


Empower Your Organization with Performance Testing

In addition to skills testing, Utah Express Test will evaluate applicants to identify potential performance and ethical issues. We can evaluate an applicant's likelihood of success in a particular position and determine if it is something they will enjoy. We also recognize that a common problem when hiring is finding workers who are not only qualified, but also have high ethical standards. Your potential employees will have an option to complete integrity testing, so we can determine the probability of theft or violent, dishonest, fraudulent or undependable behavior and avoid hiring people with these tendencies. 





Our Performance evaluations ensure the hiring process to gain an effective workforce that results in a higher return on investment with that value added; far outweighs the cost of any program. Testing supports a safer and more productive workplace – the kind of environment in which people want to work. Maintaining the highest level of safety, productivity and morale benefits for both employers and employees.

Testing And Training Evaluations 


When you need additional workers, you want to make sure that person has the necessary skills. 

To ease your worries, Utah Express Test will evaluate every associate in relevant areas. We can also perform additional testing tailored to your specific needs. 


All office serves workers complete the following general clerical tests: 

Basic Software Packages (Word, Excel, etc.) 

  • 10-Key 
  • Spelling 
  • Math 
  • Basic Office Skills


In addition, We can test office workers' skills in specific areas depending on your request: 

  • Accounting 
  • Call Center 
  • Customer Service 
  • Sales 
  • Legal 
  • Information Technology 
  • Medical Office


Our hands-on and computerized industrial tests include: 

  • Workplace Safety 
  • Inventory 
  • General Maintenance  
  • Industrial Math 
  • Assembly 
  • Warehouse 
  • Electronics 
  • Industrial Skills
  • Manufacturing Skills 

Consistent Results 

Each person we place completes our through ISO-registred selection process to make sure the candidate not only fits your job description, but also your company. Before you ever see them, every Express Test applicant goes through our evaluation process which include: 

  • Application verification 
  • Interview 
  • Skills evaluation 
  • Application rating 
  • Employment verification 
  • Hiring decision

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Need our Services?

Visit our office, we will be available to assist your needs.  



The Utah Express Test Facility specializes in providing excellent services in our Utah County location. Through coordinating services focused on employing professionals. 


Elevate Your Workforce with Employee Training 

To ensure associates are ready to work the first day of an assignment, Utah Express Test can prepare them with Employee readiness Training (ERT). ERT trains associates on communication and interpersonal skills, basic safety education and policies and procedures specific to your and Utah Express Test. The goal of ERT is to improve on-the-job communication and human relations skills, providing you with employees ready to work. 


The last thing you need is to hire someone who will slow your team down. At Utah Express Test, we understand that you want to excel. So do we. Though our comprehensive selection process, we guarantee high-quality professionals who will help you reduce turnover and increase productivity.