Our mission,


We strive to empower confidence in the American Workforce.


We focus on advancement towards an open and honest workplace where people feel safe; because it’s everyone’s right to keep the standard agreements between both employers and employees.


By following company policies, we promise to be fair and attentive to both parties' goals.


-Utah Express Test 




Services include: 

three categories

Mobile Testing
Anywhere in Utah 

Commercial & Corporate Evaluations 

Customize for any industry

Facility Assessment 

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We come directly to facility Our service model – testing your employees at your location – eliminates a number of time-consuming and costly functions


Benefits of Evaluation Testing: 

-Safe work environment for all employees

-Lower medical insurance rates

-Better Workman’s Compensation rates

-Less tardiness and absenteeism

-Higher production averages

-Less workplace disruptions, deputes, and drama

-Reduced accidents

-Increased employee moral

-Less employee theft


Drug use among American workers has declined over the past 25 years. This decline is directly related to the more than 135 million workplace drug tests accomplished by companies across the United States. More than 57% of employers now do pre-employment, random, post-incident, and for-cause drug testing. This percentage continues to increase year after year.  Drug testing can bring numerous benefits to your workplace. 



Services include:

Pre-Offer Testing

-Employment Verification

-School Transcripts

-Reference Checking

-Background Verification

-Credit Checks

-Skills Testing

Drug Testing




-For Cause 


Utah Express Test

Providing assistance in the process of companies hiring and retaining

quality associates for

 13 years.

Our Services 

Pre-Offer Testing

Our Performance evaluations ensure the hiring process to gain an effective workforce that results in a higher return on investment with that value added; far outweighs the cost of any program. Testing supports a safer and more productive workplace – the kind of environment in which people want to work. Maintaining the highest level of safety, productivity and morale benefits for both employers and employees


Pre-Offer Testing Include: 

  • Employment Verification
  • School Transcripts
  • Reference Checking
  • Background Verification
  • Credit Checks
  • Skills Testin

Drug Testing 

Employers and employees envision the same dream…both want to see the business grow into an open and liberating environment, and they both know that to succeed, everyone must be confident in their work performance and deliver the best version of themselves. 


Testing Services Include: 

  • Pre-Employment 
  • Post-Incident 
  • Random 
  • For Cause 
  • Periodic 



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